The Grabba is sold in 2G bags for $10 What is Red Rose Grabba you ask? Well RedRose Grabba is also one of the darkest and thickest leaves you will find. The Red Rose Leaf is an air cured tobacco leaf, grown right here in Canada. This leaf can vary in size, but carries a strong potent smell and color that will only darken & get stronger with age. This leaf can really hot up your J’ if your not careful, it’s rosy smell & light color, may have you fooled with the strength of its potency.

Just like the Red Herring Grabba LeafRed Rose Grabba is also a very popular leaf in Canada, and is starting to gain more popularity in The United States.

Grabba (2G)


    - Just break off a small piece for your spliff.


    - Then crush a small amount and mix together with your weed


    - Then  just roll your spliff and enjoy.