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Parents and Understanding Marijuana

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

As a teenager, I went home high and my mom ripped me a new one. In 2017, after many talks and hours of research, my mom applied for her medical marijuana license. My mom is now asking me to drive with her to the dispensary to pick up more tincture oils. How can other parents come to feel this way about weed? Why are so many parents against marijuana?

My parents, and probably others, came from an era when reefer madness was running rampant. Reefer madness is an ignorance surrounding cannabis that began with a propaganda movie made in the 1930s. The thing is, even in the year 2021, there is still so much ignorance surrounding weed. In the words of the Fresh Prince, "Parents just don't understand." So it then becomes our responsibility to inform them and talk to them about weed.

How to Talk to Your Parents About Weed

Talking to your parents about weed can be scary, so make sure you know what you want to say before talking. What can be said to parents to change their minds about weed? Many parents assume the only way to consume weed is to smoke it in a joint or a blunt, which can be off-putting if you are not a smoker. That couldn't be further from the truth. Ways to consume cannabis include edibles such as gummies, cookies, tincture oils, vape cartridges, and topicals.

Many Parents do not understand that marijuana is also a miracle drug since it benefits many of those suffering from illnesses. Weed is known to help when it comes to anxiety and depression. So many people suffer from anxiety and depression. They probably have no idea how much weed could make their life easier. Parents might say, "Marijuana causes anxiety. It doesn't help it!" They would be right but in the correct doses and the right environment, weed can help decrease anxiety.

Weed has so many other health benefits. Helping with chronic pain, cancer, and sleep disorders are some of the benefits. Make sure to let your parents know why you need it. They might think you want to get "stoned." They could feel as if you are throwing your future away. Find out what weed is helping you to prepare yourself for when you talk with your parents about weed.

Do not hog the conversation. Allow your parents to ask questions as well, and be patient because they'll have a lot. For a long time, Marijuana was considered "the devil's lettuce." People were afraid of it. This past December, an inmate was released from prison from a 90-year prison sentence concerning weed.

Talking to your parents about marijuana does not mean their minds will be changed right away. Your parents sitting down and agreeing to speak to you is a great start. If you can't change their mind about marijuana, at least you can open their minds. And open mind-ness is a step in the right direction.

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